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This resource grid is intended to assist businesses in Opportunity Corridor Neighborhoods with technical assistance needed to improve their endeavors and develop connections to sustainability, real estate assistance, and access to capital. IT was developed through a combined effort of the Forward Cities Cleveland Council and Opportunity Corridor Partnership Office. While not an exhaustive list, it does provide a starting point where entrepreneurs and business owners can find help for business plans, workshops, legal advice and financial management, among other needs. You can find it here.


Connecting with the Corridor Series: engaging the community!

The Connecting with the Corridor series engages and updates the broader Cleveland community on the many aspects of the Opportunity Corridor project. In partnership with The City Club of Cleveland, discussions and presentations have covered road design, construction, and planning. Future events may include economic and workforce development potential; arts celebrations; as well as a history of the Cleveland neighborhoods.

The May 27, 2015 City Club of Cleveland event covered an overview of the project, potential for neighborhoods to use it as an economic development tool, as well as the design of the roadway.  Watch the video

On July 9th, 2015, the Opportunity Corridor Partnership Office offered a bus tour. It encompassed the general path that the Opportunity Corridor will take through the neighborhoods.

Opportunity Corridor Bike Rides!
July 30 & Aug. 8, 2015

This free Connecting with the Corridor series event was a 60-90 minute guided tour along the Corridor's general route. Riders saw neighborhood landmarks first-hand and the possibilities for catalytic economic development! They also learned about neighborhood plans and modes of alternative transportation. The tour headed east from the E. 55th St. Rapid Station through the Opportunity Corridor neighborhoods to the Cedar-University Rapid Station.


Interested in a tour of the Opportunity Corridor?

As demand for tours arise, we will look  to accommodate groups. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a tour or participate with a future tour group!
Past group tour dates:

September 16, 2015

September 24, 2015

November 18, 2015


This is a two-year robust national learning collaborative project between New Orleans, Detroit, Cleveland and Durham that seeks to:

1. Identify ways to develop/support more business entrepreneurs, social innovators and neighborhood change-makers from low income communities of color, and working in them,  in addition to ensuring that there is a vibrant pipeline for the next generation of local entrepreneurs and citizen problem solvers, including opportunity youth;

2. Figure out best strategies for harnessing the talent and creativity of our local entrepreneurial/innovation ecosystems in order to address the most critical issues/challenges that exist in our cities' most distressed neighborhoods/communities.

3. Strengthen existing networks and accelerate entrepreneurial activity within the participating cities, and their surrounding areas;

4. Foster best practice sharing, relationship building, and entrepreneurial activity among the participating cities, and their surrounding areas;  and

5. Serve as a dynamic knowledge resource for others that are looking to build out their innovation ecosystems.

Read more about Forward Cities here.

Dec. 2015  |  Presentation to REAP graduate class and Realtists group at PNC Fairfax Connection

The Opportunity Corridor Project must have significant positive impacts on the economic wellbeing and quality of life for residents who live in adjacent neighborhoods. This progress can be directly measured through the work of our community, public and private stakeholders. The 2015 Opportunity Corridor Partnership Office Activities report provides this information on our activities as well as those led by other local partners. You can read it here.



Public Infrastructure Investment Within the Opportunity Corridor Area

Cedar and Woodland Ave. repaving

GCRTA Red Line Track: The GCRTA has completely renovated or reconstructed nine of its Red Line stations since 2000 including the East 55th Street and Woodhill Red Line Stations.

GCRTA Woodhill Garage: The Woodhill Garage opened in 1966 as a bus garage and remained in service until 1998. It is currently in use as a training facility and houses the Authority’s bus operator training simulator and the Authority’s Print Shop operations.

Buckeye-Woodhill Substation: Various facilities improvements and lift replacements, funded from a Federal State of Good Repair grant.

Total investment: $9,275,000

Major Non-road Private Investment

New Community Place: A renovation of 1950s era units into 147 affordable apartments with a clubhouse. Read more  about the project from CDC Burten, Bell, Carr Development Inc. here; and housing developer Pirhl here.

Total investment: $20,000,000

March 2016  |  Neighborhood Business Technical Assistance Tour Participants

It's All About Building the Relationships

Cleveland has a deep history of grass-roots engagement and resident empowerment. Opportunity Corridor Partnership and Neighborhood Connections' wealth-building initiative, have joined forces to figure out how to use our resident empowerment approaches with businesses in lower income neighborhoods. For the past several months we have been working on how we can take action together with small business owners to build their participation and engagement with technical assistance providers. First and foremost, it's all about relationships so we designed a 3-hour bus tour that brought together neighborhood business people, technical assistance agency staff and community development corporation (CDC) staff to tour business technical assistance agencies on Cleveland's east side. This format assured the 25 participants really had a chance to get to know one another.

The March tour drew a great group of people a with wide range of businesses including take-out convenience stores, day

 care, interior design, barber college, hardware store, and dry cleaning.

Different business stages were represented, from those working out of their homes, to those looking to expand or open a second location, to multi-generational businesses focused on adapting to the new economy. Technical assistance staff from Urban League, SCORE and several local providers traveled on the bus to the four sites where the providers shared details of their programs.

For business owners, the goal was to build  familiarity and overcome hurdles they may have felt in approaching a technical assistance agency as well as the opportunity to know a little more about what their CDCs could offer.

Most importantly, the 3 hours spent on the bus and touring agencies together gave all plenty of informal time to chat. Participants were enthusiastic about how much they learned and the connections they made.

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